If I die today, tomorrow I shall dance.
I raise now-tired arms and fall into the sun,
enveloped by a warmth beyond my understanding.
I seek a softer colored moon.

I hold in my hand an invisible border
between adequate and perfect and name it time;
this silent foe...my enemy.

I slowly make my way through photographs
searching for memories each one presents
and the dreams I never took time to define,
strange palaces long forgotten; lovers quietly left.

If I die today, tomorrow I shall dance.
I bend in my battle-worn armor
armor, too tired now to fight.
I drift into sleep quite often now,
and wake to find you always near.
You are my palace.

I watch you in the silver-cold darkness;
an eyelash flutters against your cheek
and in that moment,
I know that I will last forever.
for here, in the dark beside you,
I have no name.

What if I'm the moon?