The rain falls
upon the body of my lover
as we lie in a field of clover.
Should we go inside,
I ask him as he turns to me and smiles.
No, he says, and curls himself above me,
a shelter from the rain.
My hands splay across his back and I feel
rivulets of water pooling in the webs of my fingers.
His eyes turn dark as his head dips to my breast
meeting there his fingers.
I will never be enough…
he says, looking down at his hand
gently clasped beneath my own,
his soft grey eyes a forecast of his soul.
No, I whisper, watching him,
breath caught in my throat for too many reasons.
That’s ok, he whispers back, his lips against my ear.
I’m enough for right now.
You’re enough for always,
I tell myself,
knowing I will never share with him that secret.
As the water runs from our hands to pool now between my breasts
I wonder how I could have done this,
become a person not even I recognize.
A single tear slips from my eye
and my body and soul betray me.
Right now is enough.